Phenix Stories, #1 digital outdoor (DOOH) street media in France, launches Channels


Phenix Stories was created 3 years ago to build a whole new digital outdoor experience in the streets of Paris. 

 From day one, this has never been about advertising but always about bringing an editorial project to people walking in the streets and inspiring them every day. 

In June 2016, we started this adventure with only 40 urban screens publishing our proprietary stories compiled by Phenix’s own editorial staff. Now we have built a 1,500 urban screens network through more than 50 cities in France reaching 8 million people every week. Phenix has become the #1 street-first video-sharing platform. 

 Today we’re introducing Channels

 Phenix Channels is a new way to explore stories from different editorial teams. It’s the result of collaboration with great companies and startups in entertainment and media as well as individual artists and talents to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first in a new context: streets of cities. 


Story Pinterest, rue de Châteaudun, Paris 9th

Story Pinterest, rue de Châteaudun, Paris 9th

We are very proud to have an exclusive stories content partnership with:

  • The leading discovery platform Pinterest

  • Best-in-class publishers: MAD / Le Figaro (fashion), Melty (entertainment), La Crème du Gaming (gaming), 750g / Webedia (food), Les Petits Frenchies (French creators community), Sens Critique (cinema), Artips (art)

  • 20+ great artists & individual talents: Desserted in Paris (food creator and influencer), Marie Wild (biodiversity and nature blogger), Soul Flyers (Talent Red Bull – wing suit videos), Stéphane Tourreau (freediver vice-world champion), Bruno Maltor (travel vlogger), Lucile Woodward (sport coach), Maxime Tabard (magician), Little Gypsy (travel vlogger)… 

We count on editors and artists to share what’s important and inspiring.

 We believe this exclusive stories content distribution model in the digital outdoor space is very powerful and very complementary to social media companies and their mobile apps experience and content curation models. 

 Channels has been built for creatives in terms of technology and format: each editor has an access to Phenix platform to publish its contents, each channel includes full screen vertical videos of 10 sec, costumed billboard introduction and long form layouts optimized for outdoor broadcasting. Every channel is refreshed everyday.

 Channels is familiar, akin to stories on social media, but it is a complete re-imagination of outdoor.

 Keep walking and enjoy our stories!

 Team Phenix 


Focus Stories Editor (MAD) and Talent (Soul Flyers)

Focus Stories Editor (MAD) and Talent (Soul Flyers)

Story Pinterest, place Bellecour, Lyon

Story Pinterest, place Bellecour, Lyon

Story Mad, rue des Petits Champs, Paris 2nd

Story Mad, rue des Petits Champs, Paris 2nd

Story Soul Flyers, avenue Mozart, Paris 16th

Story Soul Flyers, avenue Mozart, Paris 16th

 About Phenix

 Phenix is a street media company. 

 We believe that reinventing media in outdoor represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people are touched and inspired while walking on the streets of cities. Our products empower people and brands to express and share new experience to their audience on the move.

 Through our family of entities and services, we're building the #1 French media targeting outdoor foot traffic in city centers and a full-stack technology platform. We organize our operations through three segments:

  • Digital outdoor: #1 DOOH street media in France with 1500+ digital screens proprietary network through more than 50 cities reaching 8+ millions people/week

  • Print outdoor & Marketing services: 50 000+ faces through more than 80 cities reaching 15+ millions people/week and state-of-the-art trade marketing services though 120 000+ point-of-sales per month

  • Technologies: in addition, we serve 50 000+ professional users mainly in large corporations through our Phenix Technologies segment, which offers a broad set of applications and service offerings

Founded as a tech startup in 2012, Phenix has become one of the French's leading outdoor advertising groups and the largest independent company in the sector. Employing a total of 350 people, the Group generates €27 million in revenue.

 Contacts Phenix : 

 Damien Fischetti – 6 82 54 56 30

 Doriane Depailler – +33 6 03 43 04 73